new album

foxy's farm

out now!

"Very cleverly produced and performed"

"This should be in your collection and if not, well... there's a wasted space there."

See the whole 3MDR 97.1FM review here.

Well - we got there. Foxy's Farm has been a long time in the works, and it's great to finally be able to let it loose.

  1. New Orleans

  2. So In Control

  3. Take You Home

  4. Moira

  5. Talking Her Into It

  6. Electric Jellyfish

  7. Something More

  8. Sing For Me

  9. Easter Sunday

  10. So Dog Tired

  11. Acoustic Jellyfish (CD only bonus track)

See about for the full story if you're interested - and we hope you enjoy Foxy's Farm!